Why Not Learn the Oboe! - A Video Course for Beginners


Why Not Learn the Oboe -  A Video course for Beginners

Start Course 1 NOW!

Course 1 includes:

* 8 oboe lessons for beginner students - no previous knowledge is assumed

* 50+ instructional videos with teacher demonstrations

* Sheet Music (download)

* 15 + melodies and folk tunes

* scales and exercises to learn common finger patterns

*Advice to help solve common beginner problems

*optional Skype lessons available (for an additional fee)

* learn from a highly qualified instructor with more than 35 years experience 

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At the end of this course you will have covered

Music reading:  Notes- C, B, B flat, A, G, F, F#, E

Time Signature 3/4 & 4/4, Crotchets, Crotchet rests, Minim, minim rest semibreve, Semibreve rest, Fermata's, dotted minims 

Keys: C Major, G Major, E minor, F Major

Articulation: slurring / tonguing/ ties

Embouchure & Sound production: making a clear full sound

Breathing & air support


Each lesson revises previous lessons so that knowledge & co-ordination is gradually acquired over time 

For best results consistent daily practice (15 - 30 minutes) is recommended

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 To begin the course you will need

* Oboe - Conservatoire System (available from www.oboeobsession.com) 

* Oboe reed - Soft - KGe Student Artist Oboe reeds are recommended for Beginners (available from www.oboeobsession.com & KGe Reeds )

* metronome (FREE to download onto a phone or device)

* music stand

Start Course 1 NOW!

 Online Skype lessons are available on request (for an additional fee)

Contact us for more information or email oboeobsessionaus@gmail.com 


My 9 years old daughter started to learn oboe with Jane late last year, and she has been using Jane’s book 'Why Not Learn The Oboe?' for the past few months. She started with this book and learning online and she is now able to play so much better than she could before. The book is very detailed and thorough, and with Jane’s help and excellent teaching, Olivia was able to go through the lessons in the book very quickly and has improved a lot since she started. Jane is such a wonderful teacher, and my daughter has enjoyed learning and playing oboe. I am confident that my daughter will improve further with Jane's help.

Helen Chen (2021)

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