KGe "PREMIERE" Professional Oboe
KGe "PREMIERE" Professional Oboe
KGe "PREMIERE" Professional Oboe
KGe "PREMIERE" Professional Oboe

KGe "PREMIERE" Professional Oboe

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AUD $6,490 Hybrid - with synthetic top joint 

AUD $7,190 all wood

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The KGe “PREMIERE” Professional Oboe has warm, sweet sound. Each oboe is individually tuned and finished to give stability of pitch and evenness of tone. 

  • Seasoned and aged grenadilla wood body
  • Conservatoire system with the option of an added thumb plate
  • Keywork includes:
    semi-automatic octave keys,
    3rd octave key,C-D trill(x2),
    C-C# trill,
    Ab-Bb trill mechanism,
    Ab-A trill mechanism,
    forked F vent,
    D#-E trill mechanism,
    low C-C# trill mechanism,
    left hand F key,
    articulated C# mechanism,
    low Bb vent.
  • Nickel silver keywork, thickly plated in silver (30 microns)
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • 1 year factory warranty

Please Contact Us to order your KGe Premiere Oboe

Testimonial:  "I am really impressed with the quality of the (KGe) oboes...... the sound of the professional (KGe Premiere) is really amazing. I was totally blown away by the tone and colour it produces. I really want to buy the (KGe) professional model for my daughter. She is so happy to play it." 

Jeff K, Melbourne,  April 2021