Why Not Learn The Oboe!
Why Not Learn The Oboe!

Why Not Learn The Oboe!

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A Video Course for Beginners

Course 1 includes: -

* 8 beginner oboe lessons 

* 60+ video demonstrations with instructions

* downloadable sheet music

* 15+ folk tunes & melodies

* scales and exercises to learn common finger patterns

* learn from a highly qualified instructor with more than 35 years teaching experience

*Advice to help solve common beginner problems

*optional Skype lessons available (for an additional fee)


 At the end of this course you will have covered:

Music reading: Notes- C, B, B flat, A, G, F, F#, E

 Time Signatures: 3/4 & 4/4, Crotchets, Crotchet rests, Minim, minim rest semibreve, Semibreve rest, Fermata's, dotted minims 

Keys: C Major, G Major, E minor, F Major

Articulation: slurring / tonguing/ ties

Embouchure & Sound production

Breathing & air support


Each lesson revises previous lessons so that knowledge & co-ordination is gradually acquired over time 

For best results consistent daily practice (15 - 30 minutes) is recommended

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Online Skype lessons are available on request (for an additional fee)

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